DLSS Capabilities & Qualifications

NAVSEA approved MIL STD 1330E, MIL STD 1622B Cleaning Procedure
Class 100,000 Clean room on site
Hydrostatic pressure testing and visual inspections on site
On-site USN Qualified Oxygen Clean Instructor
On-site USN Qualified Oxygen Clean Workers
Successfully Completed NAVSEA DLSS QA Audit
Authorized BAUER Compressor Sales and Service Center with Factory Trained Technicians
Factory Trained Haskel Oxygen Booster Pump Repair Technicians
Authorized Hydraulics International Inc. (HII) Electric Oxygen Booster Repair Facility
USN METCAL Authorized Gage Calibration Laboratory, Lab Code 7OC
D.O.T Authorized Cylinder Retest Facility, RIN No. I021

TINOSA has extensive experience, including USN Diver Re-entry Control, with the following US Navy Diving and Hyperbaric systems:

MK 3 Light Weight Dive System (LWDS) 

Fly Away Recompression Chamber  (FARCC)

Standard Navy Double Lock Recompression Chamber (SNDL)

RC 6500 Recompression Chamber System

Transportable Recompression Chamber System (TRCS)

MK 6 Light Weight Dive System

MK 16, MK 25 and SCUBA

All local installed Diver’s Breathing Air, Oxygen and Mixed Gas Systems


TINOSA provides outstanding DLSS Re-Certification Services with Re-Entry Control Documentation.

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